Impactful Cloud

The data & impact management platform
to help small charities rise

Our vision

We know the power of data when it comes to evaluating and improving outcomes, and we understand how hard it is to realise that potential. That's why we're building a modern, cloud-hosted platform full of tools and guidance to make using data easy for even the least techy teams.

Impactful Cloud is a work in progress. Our vision includes products to help you write a meaningful theory of change, craft an effective data strategy, store data securely, manage casework, and use the data you collect to evaluate outcomes, make informed decisions and improve the impact of your services.

That's a lot of work and it will take time to develop all those features. And we're sure even more ideas will come up along the way. However, we will launch the platform in stages so you can make use of each feature as soon as it is ready.

Have your say

As you can see, we have a lot of ideas that we think will make our cloud platform incredibly valuable to every social sector organisation, including yours. But we also know that we are not best placed to judge that - you are! So we'd really appreciate a little assistance in making sure that our software will truly help you do more of your best work.

If any part of our mission sounds valuable to you, why not join our community and help us to help you? We'll share occasional updates on our progress and invite you to take part in surveys and product tests to help us understand what's good and what needs improving as we develop the platform.

What's in it for you? Aside from making sure our products meet your needs perfectly? Well we don't know what our pricing will look like yet, but you can count on some sort of subscriber-only discount when we launch our first product - to say thank you for believing in us and helping us get there.

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