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Bespoke software & data management

We create bespoke software for small charities, non-profits and ethically motivated businesses. If you're in the social sector, we'd love to help you manage data, maximise your impact and report clearly to funders.

Quality comes first

We thrive on delighting people. That means we focus on your needs and provide the best possible experience with our software. Crucially, every product we create is reliable, accessible and secure.

Simple and effective

We approach every challenge from your perspective because software should work for its users, not the other way round. Simplicity is key to privacy, security, accessibility and all-around user experience. That’s why we design our software to meet every user need in the simplest way possible.


No one should have to waste time and precious resources dealing with poor or inappropriate software. We use cutting-edge techniques to design, develop and build our software to the highest standards and automate every process we can to keep costs low.

Not only that but we are also happy to collaborate and integrate with other software providers and specialised products. We believe you should have the best, so why not get ALL of our expertise working hard for you?

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