We use the most sustainable energy sources we can to minimise the harm caused by our energy consumption. That means using renewable electricity tariffs, minimising our use of gas and offsetting carbon emissions.


We work from home so we don't burn fuel or pollute the environment by travelling to and heating a spacious office every day. When we do travel, we walk, cycle or use public transport - in that order - wherever possible.


Sustainability is our top priority when choosing technology partners. We look for suppliers with strong environmental commitments and proven track records.

For example, we like to host software on Google Cloud Platform because we believe it has the strongest sustainability commitments of any major hosting provider. Their energy supply is already 100% renewable and they are working to make it carbon-free by 2030.


As a remote software company, we don't feel the need to use much paper. We don't do the typical tech company thing of covering every wall in sticky notes. We use digital tools that make collaboration and knowledge sharing easier whether or not everyone is in the same room.

If we do need to print something, we use recycled paper. The few business cards we have are made from recycled T-shirt offcuts.


We contribute some of our profits to support environmental and other causes aligned with our values. We give sustainable, regular donations to the following organisations:

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