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People and planet before profit

Simply put, our mission is to help the social sector do more of its best work. We want to promote the health and well-being of our shared planet and its inhabitants to improve lives around the world.

Here’s what we do

We support organisations in the social sector to manage data, monitor outcomes, maximise their effectiveness and demonstrate impact to funders, donors, stakeholders and clients.

We do this by taking the time to understand the challenges faced by charities and meet their digital needs with first-class software that is both effective and affordable. Our particular focus is helping small organisations that lack either the time or expertise to make the best use of data without our support.

Meet the founder: David Bingham

Photograph of David Bingham in front of a light blue background.

Hi! I am a software developer with a master's degree in physics and, more importantly, a passion for ethics and sustainability. Through 7 years of working for software companies, I grew disillusioned with the industry's relentless focus on growth at the expense of employees, colleagues and long-standing customers.

I created my own company because I wanted my work to have meaning beyond income. I pursued ethically motivated projects with local charities and heard common complaints about technology from nearly everyone I spoke to. Across the social sector, people lacked the skills, knowledge or time to make effective use of data and couldn't find appropriate software or services to help them.

I spent years researching this issue and forming a vision for the product I think those charities need. That product is a cloud platform - an online suite of tools - which guides charities through creating an effective data strategy, collecting the right data and evaluating outcomes to better understand and grow their impact. I call that an Impactful Cloud and I'm working hard to bring it to life.

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