Impactful Values

Our values form the basis for our business. Before profit and other incentives, our decisions are always guided by our core principles.


Everything comes from being able to fully understand one another.

We believe good software is unimposing and enhances the way its users choose to work. We’ll begin any project by spending time with you, listening to your goals and constraints and studying your preferred workflow.

Every team and process has inefficiencies but, while we may point out issues as we see them, we accept that we are not the experts in what you do. We understand the importance of motivation and morale. The best process is the one that gets the most out of your team and the best software supports and enhances the way you choose to do things.


Climate change is the single biggest threat to our well-being and we believe environmental sustainability is essential to any responsible business. We do all we can to minimise and offset our impact on the planet.

We also prioritise financial sustainability. We’re loyal to our customers and won’t take big risks in pursuit of short-term profits or rapid growth. We want to help you for as long as you need us, and that means making sure we stick around for the long term.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability.


We strongly believe in equal opportunities for all. No person should be unnecessarily disadvantaged in the workplace because a visual impairment or lack of fine motor control makes it difficult to interact with technology.

We design our software for maximum accessibility. We use screen readers, keyboard navigation and many other testing tools to ensure every part of our software can be accessed and understood by as many people as possible.


We believe people should have control over their own data. We won't share any customer information with others unless it's absolutely necessary for the provision of our services. If we do need to share information, we will be absolutely clear about that from the beginning. We trust that our customers are similarly transparent with the people whose data they store. For more details, read our full Privacy Policy.


It's no good respecting privacy and giving people control of their own data if you don't have the security to back that up. We use industry-leading tools and best practices to maximise the security of our software applications, identify issues early and address new threats as they emerge.


We have no tolerance for defects in our software. Every change is rigorously tested by humans and we combine this with automated testing to catch any unintended side-effects.

We also use a suite of industry-leading tools to continuously monitor our online environments and notify us of any issues. This ensures the smooth running of our applications by letting us solve problems promptly, often before they impact users.


We are open and honest in everything we do. If there's an issue with our systems we will let you know immediately. Once the issue is resolved, you can expect a full explanation of what went wrong, why, and how we plan to learn from the experience.


We may be experts in software development, but we're not the experts in every type of software. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with other providers, as well as with you, to produce the best overall package to meet your needs.

Continuous improvement

In support of all the above, we are committed to learning from every mistake and imperfection. If you find an issue with our website or one of our products, please let us know so we can put it right.

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